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Tim Hatt- Kingdom Expansion Pastor, Hosanna! Lutheran Church
Lakeville, MN 
“Beyond any diamond of earthly magnificence, the Kingdom of God radiates in beauty!  With the help of the Holy Spirit, Ivanna Swanson, is re-projecting that beauty and grace through worship dance. Her worship tools reflect the splendor of His Kingdom.”
Ivanna,  your Esther dance was magnificent.  You are gracious and graceful, elegant and expressive.  That worship service touched many people deeply as they rushed to get their daughters for a blessing.  Thank you for being with us and sharing your gift.
Bill Bohline- Lead Pastor, Hosanna! Lutheran Church
Lakeville, MN
In all of my 31 years of walking with the Lord, I have never met or seen a person with more passion to worship the Lord than Ivanna. When she picks up a scarf or a streamer and starts dancing to the Lord, she appears like an angel moving with fluid motion, and instantly, the anointing of Holy Spirit fills the atmosphere with His presence which brings the congregation into a true worship experience.
Apostle, Kenneth R. Howerton
Founder, Radah Ministries, Inc.
I highly recommend Ivanna Swanson and her ministry.
I have been blessed to have her to speak at several events I have spoken at or coordinated.  Her testimony of God’s work in her life is powerful.  Ivanna is also very gifted at teaching and empowering others to use dance and   creativity  as a part of their worship experience.
Pastor Kristi Graner
Director of Dare To Believe Ministries
Ivanna came and took me by the hand and drew me to the front and said "You will bless more people out here".  That was all it took, freedom to dance with my Lord!  We worshipped for at least and hour at this church & I danced the entire time.  That was the night the women came up to me in tears.  I haven't stopped dancing since.  Many people have told me words of knowledge of what they see being released during dance and it has become very prophetic.  They have told me not to stop which is funny because I can't!  I'm so drawn to the Lord by this I can't wait for my next opportunity to be alone with Him in that incredible place of worship & intimacy.
© 2011 Behind The Veil. All rights reserved.
© 2011 Behind The Veil. All rights reserved.
© 2011 Behind The Veil. All rights reserved.
Ivanna Swanson is an anointed worship dance minister. She moves in grace and authority given to her by the Holy Spirit.
In addition to her dance ministry God has given her a vision and passion for worship articles.
The "silks" are created by God through a willing vessel. They are anointed with passion and fire and once you touch them
you will want to dance before the King and go behind the veil.
Pastor Marsha D. Carter
Living Word Church and World Outreach Ministries
Unity In Worship Network
"The ministry of dance and movement have been such a powerful expression of worship here at our home church.  We have seen the Lord touch many lives as the dancers have been released to fully express themselves before the Lord.  Ivanna has been specially anointed of the Lord to release a culture of freedom and empowerment in worship.   Our church has been profoundly impacted because of her ministry.  What a blessing!"

Pastor Jamey VanGelder- "The House"  Burnsville, MN
Behind The Veil
Hand Painted Silk Veils And Scarves