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School Of Worship - sample curriculum
SWDM provides quality training and equipping for those called into dance ministry.
Our goal is to train and equip Dance ministers as God’s empowered agents with the mandate to expand God’s kingdom on earth through a ministry of  prophetic/worship dance birthed out of passion and intimacy with Jesus.

The SWDM is for men and women, (minimum age 12), with previous experience or NO experience. This course is designed to build upon  each individual’s starting point. The difference in skills/experience does not pose a hindrance to your advancement.

SWDM consists of:

A. Curriculum teaching and training involving:

oThe ministry of worship dance: understanding and  positioning  yourself to become an effective worshiper/minister through movement and dance
oRequirements for dance ministers
oDeveloping and cultivating a heart of intimacy
oEmbracing the call and stepping out
oThe oil of worship and the radical lover
oGreek and hebrew study of dance/worship/praise
oThe authority and effects of prophetic dance
oPublic ministry and dance protocol

B. Class activities, activations and impartations

C. Outreach activities:

Experiencing the ministry of dance outside the wall of the church. Women's prison ministry,  dancing through homes ( warfare and intercession), arts in the park (worship in public areas) are some of the outreach activities we have done previously during the School of Worship. Not all activities mentioned above though are available at every School of Worship term. These may become presented as opportunities and are optional for each individual

D. Book: assignment reading and discussion
“Worship as it is in Heaven”- Chuck Pierce.

E. Commitment of 2 months:  Consisting of 3 hours per class

Course hours: 18 hours

Location: The House Church - Eagan, MN
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