Pastoral And Leadership References

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Worship Experiences
- Andrea
Thanks again for the beautiful veils . . . it is amazing to see how the Lord uses them to break open the heavens and send in His glory and victory into the earth!
Thank you for introducing me into another opportunity to grow deeper with my  God, Lord and Savior. Connecting my mind, heart and spirit through the gift of dance, music, movement and color - (your scarves). Drawn to the pink and green , only later did I find out the meaning behind the colors-which off course spoke to me just perfectly! Should not be surprised- but holy wow!  Thank you, thank you for your heart, testimony and most of all joy!  Blessings and favor are yours!
- Julie
When I heard we were going to dance in the afternoon session I became angry with God. “You know Lord that that is way out of my comfort zone”. One of the ladies knew that I struggled with insecurity and she said: “If I would dance for the Lord He would heal my insecurity”. I stepped out and obeyed and little by little I  became free to move and all was over the lump in my stomach was gone and i I now feel free and somewhat comfortable with dance. I’ll try it again.
Thank you!
- Judy
My hands and body moved as if they were not my own and I found myself at a new and deeper level of love , worship and freedom from stuff holding me down. Thank your for sharing and praying for me. It was a huge confirmation!
- Kat
Ivanna came and took me by the hand and drew me to the front and said "You will bless more people out here".  That was all it took, freedom to dance with my Lord!  We worshipped for at least and hour at this church & I danced the entire time.  That was the night the women came up to me in tears.  I haven't stopped dancing since.  Many people have told me words of knowledge of what they see being released during dance and it has become very prophetic.  They have told me not to stop which is funny because I can't!  I'm so drawn to the Lord by this I can't wait for my next opportunity to be alone with Him in that incredible place of worship & intimacy.
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