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My refuge and My Fortress. Trust in the lord. Unshakable Peace. My Dwelling Place.
Psalm 91:9  -Because you made the Lord your dwelling place-The most high, who is my refuge- no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent.
14,15- Because you hold fast to me in love, I will deliver you, I will protect you, because you know my name. when you call to me, I will answer.
Under The Shadow Of His Wings
Under The Shadow Of His Wings -
Pink, Green, Blue, Gold, Purple, and White
Silk scarfs:100% Habotai silk
Medium (8mm)
Large (5mm)
Extra Large (5mm)
- 22” x 72”
- 35” x 84”
- 35” x 108”
Our Price : $35.00
Our Price : $54.00
Our Price : $68.00
Small (8mm)
Large (8mm)
-8” x 54”
-14” x 72”
Our Price : $17.00
Our Price:  $28.00
Silk Veils:100% Habotai silk
Behind The Veil
Hand Painted Silk Veils And Scarves