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  • How are the worship veils and wearables different from each other?
    They are both the same silk fabric material. The wearables take less paint in them so they remain softer and more malleable for wearing. A wearable silk can be used as a worship veil. Some worship veils are more saturated with paint and may not feel as soft for wearing.
  • How do I care for my silk?
    We recommend hand washing gently in cool water and mild detergent (ex: liquid hand soap) and hanging to dry. Iron on the side of the silk that glides easily. Do not iron over the Behind The Veil tag. Tag is heat sensitive. Be aware color fading can happen with some of the silks after washing.
  • What is the most popular size veil for praise/worship dance?
    Large veils are most popular and best selling. However in dance ministry we have mostly used large veils but over time started to incorporate more XL veils and fell in love with them! For those who are comfortable moving with silks the XL veils tend to become fan favorites.
  • Why does the medium veil feel a little thicker than the large veils?
    The medium size veils are made of 8mm habotai silk and the large and XL veils are made of 5 mm habotai silk. 5mm silks are a bit lighter than 8mm silks.
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